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Mike OmerMike Omer has been a journalist, a game developer, and the CEO of Loadingames, but he can currently be found penning the next in his series of thrillers featuring forensic psychologist Zoe Bentley. Omer loves to write about two things: real people who could be the perpetrators or victims of crimes—and funny stuff. He mixes these two loves quite passionately into his suspenseful and often macabre mysteries. Omer is married to a woman who diligently forces him to live his dream, and he is father to an angel, a pixie, and a gremlin. He has two voracious hounds that wag their tails quite menacingly at anyone who dares approach his home. Learn more by emailing him at .

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JНе_ВерЮ про Майк ОмерJ29 11
JПонравился триллер! тоже беру автора на заметку и ждем новых произведений!!

Jzefirka31 про Майк ОмерJ25 11
Jочень интересный триллер. всем любителям советую. нужно взять автора на заметку и посмотреть, каким будет продолжение.